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With over 750 closed transactions, we have gained the experience to develop and fine tune our listing systems, all geared to help our seller(s) get the most money for their properties, sell them in the quickest amount of time and doing so with the least amount of inconvenience to them. We owe our success to the fact that you get both a Marketing Expert in Mark Slade and a Project Management/Systems Expert in MaryCeu Nunes as a professional real estate team with proven RE-sults!

This listing system has recently been branded, accordingly, “SMART RE-SULTS,” as we feel that is what our listing clients deserve!

The process starts with a tour of the property and a conversation that helps us best understand our client(s) needs. We then prepare a list of potential repairs and or improvements (we don’t recommend gutting kitchens or bathrooms) that will at minimum provide our Sellers with two times the investment to as much as a 3.5X return on investment.

We believe so strongly in these recommendations that, if a Seller does not have the financial capability to undertake our recommendations, we have even loaned them the money, interest free, to accomplish as much as possible all with an eye on getting them the most possible money from the sale of their home which is most often a client’s single biggest investment.

This system has proven to be so successful that we have recently applied for a Copyright© and also Trademark™ designations with the US Patent and Trademark Offices.

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Smart RE-sults

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